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Produk import 100% Original
Made in Italy

Specifications :
Diameter: 10-inches
Teeth: 50
CombArbor: 5/8-inch
Kerf: .126-inch
Plate: .087-inch

Ideal for ripping and crosscutting
Recommended Rips wood, Crosscuts wood, Chip board, Plywood, Laminate,
Not recommended for non-ferrous
Large gullets in front of flat top rakers allow for fast ripping and easy chip removal
Non-Stick Perma Shield Coating
High Performance
Lifetime Guarantee
Features TiCo High Density Carbide

Freud LU84R011 saw blade also features laser cut anti-vibration slots, practically eliminating the vibration that resonates in standard blades. With this ultimate combination blade, there is no need for stabilizers.

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